White Mage

Mages whose stout hearts and unblemished spirits become their source of power. An expert in white magic, such as healing and recovery spells.


Mysidia, Nation of Magic

The majority of White Mages reside in Mysidia, where there are prayer sites and an abundance of peers from which they can hone their skills.

Troia, Nation of Beauty

The peaceful nation of Troia has practiced White Magic for a long time, especially by those training to be Epopts.

Baron, Military Nation

The White Mage Corps of Baron only took form in recent history, as magic began to develop in the world.



Daggers, Staves, Robes


Bows, Clubs, Rods, Whips, Light Armor, Shields


White Magic

The source of that which is called “magic” does not differ between white and black magic, but that which transforms that source into goodness and virtue through one’s own spiritual power is “white magic”. It requires a stout heart, not to mention a strong inner spiritual power unyielding to temptation. There are, however, those who are naturally gifted with this spiritual power.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

White Magic spells expend MP.

Holy Arts

White Mages often practice the Holy Arts to supplement their capacity to restore and support, consisting of beneficial prayers, MP-recovering abilities, and even undead-destroying incantations.

Black Magic

White Mages that dabble in Black Magic are ideal candidates to become Sages, though they learn the spells slower than a Black Mage.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

Black Magic spells expend MP.

White Mage

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