The exotic and subtle Ninjas are warriors of the island of Eblan that are a mystery to most other parts of the world.


Eblan, Isolated Nation

The faraway island kingdom of Eblan has a unique, thriving culture which has developed completely differently from and independent of those of the world’s other nations. The magic-like art of ninjutsu was born here, and one who has mastered it is called a “ninja”.



Daggers, Ninja Blades, Light Armor


Axes, Bows, Claws, Clubs, Polearms, Throwing Weapons, Whips, Heavy Armor, Doublehand, Dual Wield


Acrobatic Combat

Ninjas rely on their agility and cunning, often jumping in and out of combat and delivering quick strikes.

Limitation: Trade-offs

Though combat feats can be used as often as you like, there usually is some sort of trade-off, such as lower accuracy or damage than a normal attack.


As with ninja blades, ninjutsu was developed from the lore and know-how of other, faraway countries that drifted to Eblan long ago – in this case, magic was developed and evolved into ninjutsu. Since ninjutsu is based on magic, it operates on the same principles – it can hone one’s intelligence and cause energy to explode.

Ninjutsu can be thought of as another type of magic like white magic and black magic, except they usually take less time to cast. This leaves the Ninja with more time to maneuver around the battlefield.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

Ninjutsu spells expend MP.


Ninjas are proficient with their own form of tools, such as smoke bombs, scrolls, and shuriken.

Limitation: The item

The Ninja’s expended arsenal must be replenished by either finding or purchashing additional ones.


The Ninja’s expertise can include the knowledge of thievery, allowing them to steal additional items for themselves.

Limitation: The item

There are only so many items, and you can’t steal what you’ve already taken! Each enemy in combat usually only has one item of value that is exposed for stealing.


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