A monk is one who trains his body as a weapon.


Fabul, Nation of Enlightenment

Monks spend their days in Fabul training themselves in God’s service. Doing God’s will is not their only calling, however; their main pursuit is physical training. They spend one month a year in training atop the icy highlands of Mt. Hobs. Those who survive such rigorous training attain a disciplined body and a peaceful soul.



Claws, Unarmed, Robes, Light Armor


Throwing Weapons


Martial Arts

Weapons are redundant for monks, who’ve trained their very bodies to be weapons. Their combat feats consist of strikes and grapples that complement their full contact combat style.

Limitation: Trade-offs

Though combat feats can be used as often as you like, there usually is some sort of trade-off, such as lower accuracy or damage than a normal attack.


The monk’s special moves, called Blitz techniques, unleash devastating displays of supernatural strength and speed.

Limitation: Combos

Using the same Blitz technique on an enemy multiple times allows it to anticipate it coming, reducing the effectiveness of the technique. Using a different maneuver, whether it be a combat feat, chakra technique, or a different Blitz, reduces the level of anticipation of the particular Blitz. Therefore, it is most effective for a monk to develop combos of different moves when fighting.


Through years of discipline and understanding of oneself, Monks are able to manipulate their spiritual energy, called Chakra, to cause various effects. Chakra can be formed into blasts of force, healing power, and even elemental fire and wind.

Limitation: Chi (CP)

Expending Chakra can be taxing on the user’s body, using up Chi (CP). Halting the usage of Chakra techniques for a short period of time will allow the body to quickly replenish CP.


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