Dragoons, also known as Dragon Knights, are powerful physical attackers that specialize in various types of spears and lances. They usually wear armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon’s head, spikes, and wing and scale designs.


Baron, Military Nation

The Dragoon Corps of Baron were formed around the ability to fly dragons into combat. They preferred to use lances over swords because of their long range ability. In Baron’s early years as a nation-state, the Dragoon Corps was considered the most elite fighting unit, and Baron’s most powerful weapon. However, with the development of airships, the Dragoon Corps began to fade out, and were relegated to castle defense. Only hard-line descendants of the original Dragoon Corps make up the current fighting force. They still use lances for combat as a tribute, and many of them have learned to fly high in the air similar to dragons.



Daggers, Polearms, Heavy Armor, Doublehand, Shields


Axes, Blades, Bows, Clubs, Light Armor


Melee Combat

Dragoons can learn a number of offensive melee combat feats and tactical maneuvers and execute them with surprising speed.

Limitation: Trade-offs

Though combat feats can be used as often as you like, there usually is some sort of trade-off, such as lower accuracy or damage than a normal attack.

Aerial Maneuvers

By leaping into the air, Dragoons can deliver devastating blows by impaling their enemies from above. These jumps have many different tactical striking implications. Jump attacks receive a damage bonus from Polearms.

Limitation: Universal Cooldown

Aerial maneuvers require proper positioning and preparation, and therefore require a small amount of time before another jump can be executed.

Wyvern Training

Though breeding and taming dragons is now a lost tradition amongst the Dragoon Corps, there are still a few amongst them that have kept and cared for the eggs passed onto them from their bloodline. The wyverns that hatch from them become lifelong companions to the Dragoon.

Wyverns are treated like any other party member, becoming Disabled when reaching 0 HP and needing resuscitation and healing like anyone else.

Limitation: Wyvern

The Wyvern decides if and when to use the various abilities that it has been taught.

Dragon Arts

Practicing the ancient Dragon Arts passed on from the knowledge of dragons in the past can allow the Dragoon to take on their aspects, learning abilities like the elemental breath attack. Some Dragon Arts can be taught to Wyvern companions as well.

Limitation: Stamina (SP)

The usage of dragon arts expend various amounts of stamina (SP), which replenishes quickly over time.


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