Dark Knight


The dark knight masters the powers of darkness to torment their enemies.


Baron, Military Nation

The Dark Knight Corps of the Baronian army include their most elite soldiers, and only the truly gifted could become Dark Knights. Many try out, but the King personally selects all Dark Knights who are to enlist by decree. The King of Baron is also a Dark Knight.



Blades, Daggers, Heavy Armor, Doublehand, Shields


Axes, Bows, Clubs, Polearms, Rods, Robes


Melee Combat

As a warrior, the Dark Knight’s combat feats focus on melee fighting, both offensive and defensive.

Limitation: Trade-offs

Though combat feats can be used as often as you like, there usually is some sort of trade-off, such as lower accuracy or damage than a normal attack.

Dark Arts

The powers of darkness give the Dark Knight various offensive capabilities, such as augmenting their strength, infusing their weapon, or manipulating corrupting energies. If someone unskilled in wielding the dark power tries to wield their signature weapon, the Dark Sword, they will go insane and become evil.

Limitation: Health (HP)

The powers of darkness require a sacrifice of life force with each use. This damage to the user’s health can be mitigated by Fortitude.

Black Magic

Some Dark Knights acquire certain black magic spells to torment their enemies, though at a slower rate than the Black Mage.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

Black Magic spells expend MP.

Dark Knight

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