Black Mage


Battle mages endowed by their intellect and skill with destructive power, conducted through the elements. No small amount of studying is involved in acquiring this power.


Mysidia, Nation of Magic

The majority of Black Mages reside in Mysidia, where there are many libraries and peers from which they can hone their skills.

Baron, Military Nation

The Black Mage Corps of Baron only took form in recent history, as magic began to develop in the world.



Daggers, Rods, Robes


Blades, Bows, Staves, Whips, Light Armor, Doublehand


Black Magic

To use black magic is to use one’s knowledge to concentrate the surrounding elements into a burst of power that wounds or hinders enemies. Black magic can become more powerful as one expands their knowledge of the natural world. A person of average capabilities can use black magic to a modest extent, but it is said that a formidable amount of intellect is necessary to master it.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

Black Magic spells expend MP.

Dark Arts

Some Black Mages delve into the powers of darkness to further strengthen their spellcasting capability. Though they usually do not use the dark arts to the extent of the Dark Knight, the user must still be cautious not to overuse such abilities else they risk major damage to their body or mind.

Limitation: Health (HP)

The powers of darkness require a sacrifice of life force with each use. This damage to the user’s health can be mitigated by Fortitude.

White Magic

Though they won’t learn White Magic as fast as White Mages, Black Mages that have the spiritual power necessary to learn it can aspire to eventually become Sages.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

White Magic spells expend MP.

Black Mage

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