Bards master a form of magic that uses music to alter the listener’s emotions and mood.


Damcyan, Nation of Trade

The art of weaving magic into music originated from the royal lineage of minstrels from the Gilbert family. Since then, bards have been very respected in Damcyan.

Troia, Nation of Beauty

The peaceful paradise of Troia is an ideal place to practice the art of music, and Bards have found many opportunities to prosper there.



Daggers, Instruments, Light Armor


Blades, Bows, Clubs, Whips, Shields



Bardic music, whether they are delivered vocally or by instrument, provide a great amount of support for any party. These songs deliver unique effects, beneficial and enfeebling.

Limitation: Mana (MP)

Songs expend MP.


Themes create an aura around the Bard, bestowing beneficial effects to friends or hindering effects to enemies, depending on the theme.

Limitation: Running Theme

A bard can only keep a certain amount of themes playing at the same time, which can be improved with experience.

Ranged Combat

Bards prefer to stay far from danger, and those that have trained in Bows can provide varying amounts of ranged support for their party.

Limitation: Trade-offs

Though combat feats can be used as often as you like, there usually is some sort of trade-off, such as lower accuracy or damage than a normal attack.


Throughout their travels and social interactions, Bards learn a various number of tricks that they can use, such as stealth to hide from danger, alchemy to create all sorts of effects, using gil as weapons, and learning to use different sorts of magic devices.

Limitation: Varies


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