Campaign Rules and Guidelines


The Role-Player’s Guide to Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights covers most of what is expected of the players regarding role-playing in this campaign.

Multiple Characters

Every player is required to have at least two (2) characters. All of a player’s characters are linked, having any XP earned with one of their characters applying to all of their other characters as well.

Equipment earned with one character is allowed to be passed on to one of your other characters. However, players may not exploit this to pass any one item back and forth between their characters too much.

The in-character reasoning for this can be anything within reason, such as the character having earned the XP or item somewhere else during that time.

Having multiple characters allows for more different kinds of character interactions, as well as additional possible storylines involving certain types of characters or requiring a character to leave the party or even character death.

Character Background

The world is small and in need of interesting and important characters. Every playable character in the Final Fantasy IV had some amount of position in the world or had some huge motivation. In the campaign, big anchors that tie you to the world such as these will not only be encouraged, but expected. That means you can’t play just some soldier, wanderer, or mercenary.

Here are some hooks:


You are the prince or princess of one of the major nations of the world.


You are a highly ranked leader amongst a group of people, and are responsible for them.


You’ve taken a romantic interest in one of the player characters or one of the important NPCs of the world.


You are related to one of the player characters or one of the important NPCs of the world, such as a sibling, parent, or child.


You have a very clear and precise goal, and a very good reason for it. Vengeance, love, justice, righteousness… these are all common themes for characters.

Other hooks that you want to use instead for your character should be just as important or involving as these.

Character Personality

Give your characters distinct personalities. Make them identifiable from the other players’ characters, and especially from your own characters. Just a few anonymous lines of dialogue given from one of your characters should be easily identifiable to that character.

Experience Points

EXP is earned through time. You get 1 XP for each minute you spend playing the campaign. Additional XP is given from role-playing and tactical bonuses.

Accuracy to the Original Final Fantasy IV Story

The intention is to replace the main cast of the original game with the players’ characters and keep some of the key elements of the original storyline intact. From there, the players can take it in any direction they wish, creating some interesting “what if…” scenarios of the game. There should be enough similarities to the original game to create nostalgia for those who have played it before, and show the players who haven’t played what the story was like if they had.

Mature Content

Hide the kids and develop a thick skin if you haven’t already. There will be no limits to the amount of possible sexual, violent, or just plain bizarre content in the campaign, unlike the original game.

Balance Changes and Bugs

The mod is still very much a work in progress. If you find something that is ridiculously powerful, chances are that it is going to get changed. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences these balance changes will cause.

The mod should also be expected to have lots of bugs. If you find a bug, please report it to me. Never, under any circumstance, exploit the use of a bug.

Did you read the whole page? Send me the password “ham” to let me know that you did. There’s some bonus XP in it for you.

Campaign Rules and Guidelines

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